Is it safe to use?  Will the battery explode?  Will I get radiation sickness?

The GOQI technology has 2 heat sensor units attached to both the batteries and to the transmitter, and will automatically reduce the power output of the system in the event of overheating past 55%.  We do however recommend that the wallet be removed from charging pads once they are fully charged.  We also use reputable battery suppliers who have all the necessary certifications.

The Qi wireless standards only emit very minimal electric magnet waves which are safe for humans. 

Could I still use it if it touches water?

We do not recommend any electronic items get wet, however in the event that it does we recommend that you stop charging immediately and seek assistance from us.

What if it breaks or does not work?

As this is a state of the art product, we can offer a 3 month warranty period to cover all GOQI tech and problems with the wallet.  All enquiries and repairs will be handled fairly.

What if the battery dies out?

Of course you will need to recharge the wallet wirelessly or with wire once the battery has been drained out.  We have designed a light indicator with 6 lights to help you know when your phone and/or wallet is being charged (blue lights).  The green lights indicate a 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% charge.

Will it work with my phone?

The GOQI wallet uses QI wireless technology which is a wireless induction charging method, to both charge and be charged with.  There are many phones on the market which support this wireless technology either built into the phone or only requires a thin charging coil to be placed behind the battery.  These can be easily purchased over the web.  We can suggest stockists for you.  Apple currently does not support QI wireless technology, most probably so that it can keep its phones thin and light, however we can suggest stockist that have many good looking and thin covers compatible with our wallets.  You can also check on this link.

How long will the battery last?

Because every type of phone has a different battery capacity, we can only estimate that a 4000mAH battery can charge a standard iphone once wirelessly and 1.5 times with cable.  We suggest that you do not run your phone dry before charging with your phone.  There is 30% energy loss with portable power banks and another 30% power loss with wireless charging.  If you need a fast charge we suggest you use the cable option for now.

Will my credit cards be affected?

Old style magnetic strip cards maybe affected my magnetic induction charging, however we have installed protection plates between the transmitter and receivers coils which will help minimise any issues you may have.  With our continental style the card section is also separated from the main transmitter, therefore minimising this issue.

Does it come in other styles or colours?

We will be offering other styles and colours in the future, based on customer demand.  Please support us now and we will expand this collection quicker.

How heavy and large is it?

The Continental wallet is 587g and size is  22.5cm long x 12.5cm wide x 4cm deep.  The Daily Continental wallet is 300g and 19cm x 10cm x 2.5cm.

Can I repair it myself?

As we are professional manufacturers of these wallets, we strongly suggest that you do not attempt to self repair a GOQI wallet.  At the moment the GOQI wallets are very hard to repair, however we are currently designing ways to make repairs easier.